With a growing population of over 117,000, Norman is part of the dynamic Oklahoma City Metropolitan Area, which has over one million residents. We are the third largest city in Oklahoma and the largest city within Cleveland County. We have a healthy employment rate, strong neighborhoods, quality schools and a nationally recognized institute of higher education, the University of Oklahoma.

In 2016, Norman began the process of updating its Comprehensive Plan. The new plan, PlanNorman, identifies a series of tools the community will use to manage future growth and change. It also provides a unified Vision Framework that articulates the future desired by residents.

The PlanNorman draft plan has been finalized. Public comments were accepted through March 4, 2018. All comments are currently being reviewed. To read the plan visit the Draft Plan page.

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Thank you to everyone who submitted comments on the PlanNorman Public Draft Plan. All comments are currently being reviewed. If you have not yet read the Public Draft Plan you can view it here.

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What is PlanNorman?

PlanNorman is the effort that will help us prepare our new Comprehensive Plan that provides a community vision, long-term goals, and an implementation framework to guide future development.

What is a Comprehensive Plan?

It’s both a physical plan and policy guide for Norman moving forward and will serve as a framework for future planning documents as well as a policy guide for staff and decision makers.

How do I get involved?

Click here to visit our Events & News page for information on community workshops, other upcoming public events, and links to review and provide comment on the Public Draft Plan.

When is the next public event?

There was Public Meeting to review the PlanNorman Public Draft Plan on February 5th. If you missed that event, you can view the Public Draft Plan and presentation from the meeting here.